Stellargy Services

Human Resource Management
Simply stated in our name, Stellargy Services, LLC is a company focused on providing IT solutions and services for our clients. Our success has been established on providing our clients with high performing human resources expertise in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Our IT experts are working with our clients on small to multi-million dollar projects throughout the United States.

Our focus is to work with Federal, State and local government and the Fortune 500 companies. During our 8 years of operation we have not failed to meet our client expectation while delivering our services. Our reputation and success is built on our commitment to meet or exceed our client contractual expectations. Working with large government contracts and large System Integrators is a part of Stellargy Services; we understand your business environment dealing with contractual Service Level Agreements (SLA) and the financial risk associated.

Stellargy Services is proud to say, we have not failed to meet our client business or contractual expectations. Our company and staff have received numerous awards of accomplishment, while contributing to our client’s success.

Premiere Products – Servers – Network – Data Storage – Software – Support Services
Stellargy Services provides our clients the ability to procure the latest in technology while not encumbering the complexity of dealing with the bias of the manufacture. Stellargy will present and educate you on the proposition value associated to each, helping you make an informed best value decision to meet your business need. While Stellargy may not have the depth of installation and maintenance support to meet your requirement, Stellargy stands ready to engage the manufacture for these support services as our business partner. Your business requirement will be met or exceeded.